Sherry Wehrwein

Sherry is a very accomplished designer. She has the ability to communicate effectively and understands her clients needs.   Sherry joined the team at Salon PiZazz shortly after graduation and has advanced her career quickly.  Becoming a national educator for Scruples and the salon manager.  She is our go to girl for mens grooming.  Sherry loves to share her passion and knowledge off all things hair not only with our team but with each and every client.  Sherry wants your hair to look as great at home as it does when you leave the salon...give her a try.  You won't be dissapointed.

When asked what she likes best about her job Sherry said:

Recently I have found a new love...mens cutting and grooming. It really excites me because men have been so overlooked for so long.  There are great cuts and looks for men and todays men want to look good. And lets not overlook the great products we have now to make there beards look and feel amazing.   I also love texturizing hair. I think its one of my favorites because it causes the hair to do what you need it to do, not only here in the salon but at home too. You can texturize to flatten the hair, or give it volume, change the way it falls when its dry. Its an essential part of customer service. I want all my clients to look great every day...not just when they leave the salon!

My Regular Hours

9am - 2pm
11am - 7pm
11pm - 7pm
8am - 4pm